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Melangel Papillons

Melangel Time to Shine

Not shown this year prior to May

Scottish KC CH Show    May   -  2nd YD             Irene Robb

Bournemouth CH Show  Aug   -  1st PGD            Shirley Collier

City of Birmingham CH  Aug   -   1st LD             Bert Easdon       RCC

Darlington  CH  Show    Sept  -   1st YD             Jerry Munroe

South Wales KA           Oct    -   3rd LD             Carl Sparrow

Midland Counties CH     Oct    -  4th LD  (22)      Andrew Brace

NE Pap Club CH            Nov   -   1st LD  (19)      Linda Woodrow  RCC

L.K.A. CH                     Dec   -   1st LD             Francis Yeoh

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