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Melangel Papillons

Sales Contract - will include the following clauses :-


The Breeder has taken every care with the breeding, rearing and Welfare of the Dog. The Dog is believed to be in good health and it is sold in good faith. The breeder makes no warranty however as to the health or disposition of the dog.

Every effort has been made to avoid any possible inherited conditions.

Conditions known/thought to be inherited in the breed are PRA, Slipping Patella and Liver shunt. Certificates to show that both parents of ‘the dog’ are clear of PRA 1 by DNA test or parentage will be provided. The dog has had both its inoculations and has been Microchipped and the certificates are provided. At the age of 12 weeks the dog can be inoculated against Kennel Cough and it is strongly advised that this be given. The Dog has been wormed regularly and was last wormed with Panacur Paste on ****.  Worming should continue to be done every two weeks until the dog is 6 months old. See attached Worming sheet. The dog is sold with 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance.


The purchaser shall have seven days to have the Dog examined by a practising veterinary surgeon and shall have the right during a period not exceeding 14 days after such examination to return the Dog because of a defect (other than described below) on production of a written report from the said veterinary surgeon. At this time the purchasers will be refunded the full purchase price. (This dog has no known defects.)


The Dog is ‘Not Eligible for issue of an Export Pedigree’. ie this dog must not be sold abroad. This however does not stop new owners obtaining a PET PASSPORT in order to take the dog out of the country on holiday.


The purchaser agrees that if at any stage in the Dog’s life, the purchaser needs to re-home the dog, the Breeder will be the first to be informed.  The Purchaser will, if the breeder requests,  return the Dog to the breeder. The breeder will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home, and only at the time of re-homing will there be any financial settlement.